Cam Jordan envisions a Super Bowl win if Russell Wilson joins the team

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is willing to accept a trade to the Saints. Multiple Saints players are more than willing to accept Russell Wilson.

Saints receiver Michael Thomas quickly made his views known on Twitter when the news broke last week. Appearing Tuesday on ESPN, Saints defensive end Cam Jordan made clear his belief that, if Wilson comes to New Orleans, the Saints will win a Super Bowl.

Although the tweet seems unconditional, Jordan’s on-air explanation had some caveats. At one point, Jordan conditioned his optimism on Wilson playing like he “at the beginning of last season” for the full year. Jordan also said that winning a Super Bowl is his “vision year in and year out.”

In the video posted by Jordan, he also addresses the status of Drew Brees. It’s unclear, however, whether Jordan says that Brees has retired or that Wilson would be in play if Brees actually retires. (Most believe Brees is retiring; recently, a vibe has emerged that maybe he won’t.)

Of course, there’s a chance that Jordan won’t be around to experience Wilson’s impact on the Saints. If Jordan is part of the trade package that lands Wilson, Jordan will be playing in Seattle. Recently, he acknowledged that possibility — even if he wouldn’t be happy about it.